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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems
(Use Daqarta for Windows with modern systems)

From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:


(Note: Versions are numbered according to the Daqarta version they were released with.)

Version 1.17b

Released 10-25-99:

  • Bug Fix: Using B: parameter on STIM3.GEN line in DQA.CFG could cause corruption of ADC driver or other code. (Always OK on INIT line.)

Version 1.13

Released 10-25-98:

  • Bug Fix: B: parameter (or default) on STIM3.GEN line in DQA.CFG was not properly checked to avoid crossing 64 Kbyte absolute memory boundary for boards using 16-bit DMA, only 8-bit. (Always OK on INIT line.)

  • Interlocks added to prevent output toggles during Pause mode.

  • DigOut can now be toggled on directly with default 100-sample pulse on bit 0. Formerly required setup to avoid error message 'Must have at least one active page per output.'

Version 1.12b

Released 7-4-98:

  • BUG FIX: Parameters on STIM3.GEN line in DQA.CFG were improperly handled in certain situations.

Version 1.12

Released 6-23-98:

  • Full support for full duplex sound cards.

  • Forces Trigger Source to Stim when any output goes active, Intern when all go inactive. Intern may still be set manually with output active in RTime mode.

  • Misc menu Sync is now reset (All, A+B, A) whenever Pg Mode is changed.

  • When Pg Mode is set to All, cursor is now excluded from Sync changes.

  • Bug Fix: Trace became unsynchronized when Master was turned on after individual DAC or DigOut output(s).

Version 1.11

Released 5-17-98:

  • Cursor readout averager is now reset automatically when stimulus is changed.

  • Support for boards with inverted DAC data formats.

  • Preliminary DMA support for full-duplex sound cards, etc.

Version 1.10

Released 11-18-97.

  • Step Hz/N control added.

  • BUG FIX: Summation of multiple tone components now clips at positive or negative full-scale limits on overflow (beyond 100% total Level), instead of rolling over to the opposite polarity.

  • BUG FIX: DAC and DigOut outputs now reliably go to zero when the respective output states are toggled off.

  • BUG FIX: When non-zero Level is changed while a tone component page is Off, the page remains Off. If Level is raised from 0.00% the page still goes On automatically, and if set to 0.00% it goes Off.

Version 1.00

Initial Release 8-6-97.

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