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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems

From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:


This shows the current state of the trace:
    LIVE    Incoming data.
    PAUSE   Operation is suspended via the Pause key.
    AVG     Running average.
    INST    Live data during an average.
    DONE    The completed average.
    FILE    Data from a non-DDisk binary file.
    PLAY    "Video" replay of a DDisk file.
    SKIP    Live data while DDisk recording is suspended.
    MEM n   Data from trace memory "n".


At the bottom of the screen are 26 boxes corresponding to options selected by unshifted letter keys. If you hold down a shift key (SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT) the options will change to correspond to the appropriately-shifted letter keys.

When an option is active, it is shown highlighted with inverse colors.

When an option is unavailable, it is shown crossed out. This indicates that you can't change the state of the option at that time: You can't turn it on if it is off, and you can't turn it off if it is on. This is used to prevent incompatible option combinations, and also to lock out changes that could corrupt an average or other process in progress.

The options shown when the CTRL key is down call up various Control Menus at the right side of the screen. Unlike all the other options, they don't change anything else themselves. For example, the unshifted A-key starts and stops Averaging, whereas CTRL-A allows you to control the parameters relevant to the averager operation, like number of sweeps requested.


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