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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems

From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:




Unshifted Alpha:

 Avg    Average start / stop      Npts   256 / 512 / 1024 pts
 Board  Board / Virtual Source    OutDt  Output binary to file
 CursX  Cursor eXchange           Pause  Pause trace
 DDisk  Direct-to-Disk on/off     Quit   Quit Daqarta
 Edit   Edit comment line         RTime  Real-time / Sequential
 FFT    FFT / Waveform mode       Singl  Do Single data sweep
 Grid   Grid display on/off       Trig   Trigger / Free-run
 Help   This Help system          Units  User Units & labels
 InDat  Input binary file data    View   View Trace
 JntAv  Joint Wave / FFT avg      Windo  Window function
 KeyRn  Run Key Macro             Xpand  eXpand trace
 Line   Line / Point / Bar        Y-log  FFT Log Y-axis
 MemRd  Read trace from memory    Zero   Trace Auto Zero

Other Unshifted Keys:

 Rt/Lft   Trace cursors           INS    Run Key Macro (Text)
 Up/Dn    Menu cursors            \      Avg \ Inst trace
 PgUp/Dn  Y-axis magn             TAB    Help cursor
 ESC      Escape item             =      Go to Help topic
 <>       DDisk read posn         BackSp Prior Help topic
 HOME     DDisk read start        ?      Context Help
 END      DDisk read end          Scroll Lock  Sticky Shift
 ENTER    Menu item select        Grey Minus   Cursor eXchange
 ; or Num-5  Reset Cursor Avgs    Print Screen
 SPACE  DDisk Skip
 NUM-LOCK or Pause/Break    Halt/Step Macro


 AvSub  Subtract Average          Loop   Macro auto-repeat
 CPM    Cycles Per Minute         MemSv  Save trace to memory
 EdSav  Editor to file            OutSc  Output Screen to .BMP
 FFT32  High Dynamic Range FFT    PSD    Power Spectral Density
 GrayS  VGA Gray-Scale            U-RMS  RMS Units for FFT
 Help   Help top / bottom         ViewC  View Cursors, readout
 IntCr  Cursors "run" response    WaitS  Wait Seconds delay
 KeySt  Store Key Macro           XCurs  eXpand on Cursors


 7 (&)  Alert                     Up/Dn    Cursor fixed step
 8 (*)  User Tone                 INS/DEL  Sgram color high
 <>     DDisk read posn fast      HOME/END Full-Scale / Restore
 PgUp/Dn  Slide Y-log Range

CTRL-Alpha (Control Menus):

 Avg    Averager Control menu     MemAr   Memory Array menu
 Board  Board/Test Ctrl menu      Sgram   Spectrogram menu
 Color  Color Control menu        Trig    Trigger Ctrl menu
 DDisk  DDisk Control menu        Units   User Units menu
 StGen  Stimulus Generator        Windo   Window menu
 Help   Control Help system       Xaxis   X-axis Ctrl menu
 JntAv  Joint avg menu            Y-Cal   Y-axis calibration
 Keybd  Kbd response menu


 1 - 5  Copy Value to Field       Up/Dn    Menu cursors
 7      Alert Setup               PgUp/Dn  Alternate menu page
 8      User Tone Steup           INS/DEL  Sgram color low
 ?      Menu Context Help         INS      Text Insert toggle
 ESC    Escape menu item


 AvAdd  Add Average               MemAr    Memory Array
 DskRd  Read DDisk file           OutTx    Text file Output
 EdAux  Edit Auxiliary text       Sgram    Spectrogram mode
 Help   Plug-In Help              Timed    Virtual Source pacer
 IncNm  File Name auto-Inc        WaitP    Wait for Pause
 KeyOn  Force next Key On         X-log    FFT log X-axis


 # (3)  Random value              ?      Key Preview Help
 <>     DDisk read page           INS    Store Key Macro (text)
 \      Joint Avg \ Inst FFT      =      Help Contents
 ENTER  Help Contents             Up/Dn  Memory Array select

Special Disaster Management Combinations:

 CTRL-ALT-HOME  Disaster Recovery Attempt - CAUTION!
 CTRL-ALT-DEL   System Warm Reboot - CAUTION!
 CTRL-ALT-INS   CPU Register Display


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