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From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:


When ALT-T is active, a special pacer timer makes the Virtual Source appear to take as long to "acquire" data as a true external source being sampled at the rate indicated in the X-axis control menu. This allows you to evaluate the "feel" of different sample rates with respect to screen update rate. The speed display above the upper right corner of the trace area will change to SPEC when operating in this mode. If the Virtual Source data generation takes longer than allowed by the sample rate, the speed display will change to SLOW.

When Timed operation is inactive, the speed display will show FAST, SLOW, or SPEC depending on the relative sampling rate versus data generation time on your CPU. For example, with a 33 MHz 486 system, this will read FAST at all sample rates slower than about 195 kHz, and SLOW above that. You can get some idea of the effective speed of your system by trying different sample rates until you see the FAST/SLOW change. (You will probably have a hard time finding the exact sample rate to get SPEC.) To try this on a fast system, you may need to run without a board driver in your DQA.CFG file, since the board limits will be assumed by the Virtual Source.


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