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From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:


Sound / Event-Triggered Sequences


Occasionally you may want to start some operation when the input signal exceeds a certain trigger level. The typical application is to capture some infrequent event (sound or any other signal) for further analysis, but there are much more exotic possibilities as well.

Regardless of what the triggered operation may be, you need a way to wait until the trigger, then proceed with the operation. The trigger detection itself should almost always be done with Norm trigger mode, since it will wait indefinitely for the trigger signal. (Auto mode only waits for N-points samples and then proceeds regardless... and of course if Trig is toggled off to give Free-run there is no waiting at all.)

The simplest situation is when the signal of interest lasts less than a sweep duration, so you can see the whole thing on the screen at one time. If all you want to do is analyze that one event, you can use the Singl (single-sweep) option to capture it and Pause, allowing you to do whatever you want after that (save it to memory or a file, observe the transient spectrum, etc.)

But the most powerful techniques use Key Macros to wait for the trigger, then execute a series of other commands. You store the keystrokes initially with KeySt (SHIFT-K), then play them back with KeyRn to produce the desired operations.


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