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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems
(Use Daqarta for Windows with modern systems)

From the Daqarta for DOS Help system:


(Note: Versions are numbered according to the Daqarta version they were released with.)

Version 2.20

Released 8-1-2002:

  • When an Arb Wave is selected, its size (in samples) is now shown on the message line, to aid in setting sync in Arb Step mode.

  • Improved accuracy of log/antilog operations, affecting high frequencies for Exponential Sweep, plus Octave and Music Fstep modes.

  • Bug Fix: Use of A:2 parameter to allow Output dB control with manual attenuator could cause system crash.

  • Bug Fix: When no SB16 attenuator was present, Output dB values from Setup file were ignored even if A:1 parameter was used to force override of default safety mute. Now A:1 will allow values up to 6.00 dB to be loaded from Setup.

  • Bug Fix: Output dB control erroneously appeared on systems where only DigOut was available (LPTX driver).

  • Bug Fix: When a Setup file was loaded that attempted to use outputs not available on the current system, they appeared to be active anyway.

  • Bug Fix: When Burst Shape (Cos^n) was changed on one page, the change appeared to carry over to other pages even though they really kept their correct settings.

  • Bug Fix: Timing Rand All was only truly randomizing the generator for one page, while other pages were essentially time-shifted versions of that one.

  • Bug Fix: Stereo Arb and Play files were not loaded properly.

  • Bug Fix: Arb and Play Round options were not rounding properly.

  • Bug Fix: When Wave was changed from one Play file to another Play file, the Rate was set improperly. Also, Freq was not restored properly on subsequent selection of other Wave types.

  • Bug Fix: Frequency Step now works with Play Rate in all modes.

  • Bug Fix: Freq adjust was quantizing when scrolling in Direct Fstep mode. It now simply applies the specified step size directly, as indicated.

  • Bug Fix: If an error was encountered while loading a Play file, any XMS memory already filled by that file would not be properly released.

  • Bug Fix: Main Freq Phase adjust was not properly restoring original value on escape from scroll.

  • Bug Fix: Timing Step size was not properly set as Sync interval if it was over 65535.

  • Bug Fix: Several entries in the Index had missing link terminators that could cause improper operation.

  • Cosmetic bug fixes, such as properly changing 'Freq' control header to 'Timing' in Arb or Play Step mode, removing spurious double cursor on Setup Load, etc.

Version 2.10

Released 8-1-2001:

  • New Output dB allows integrated control of SB16 attenuators and STIM3A output level to give 0.01 dB resolution.

  • A: and U: configuration parameters added to support Output dB.

  • New Sweep Step mode allows "perfect" frequency response sweeps without window function errors.

  • Interlocks added to prevent certain output toggle sequences from provoking 'Too many samples!' error.

  • Bug Fix: Sample overrun error (due to excessive sample rate on slow system, for example) could cause lock-up.

  • Bug Fix: Reset On Burst could remain active after Burst was toggled off to Cont mode, causing output glitches.

  • Bug Fix: Toggling a component page while that DAC was off caused sync loss in the other DAC, if active.

  • Bug Fix: Phase control had no effect in Cont mode. Although not a problem in most cases, it prevented control of Sweep starting phase.

  • Bug Fix: Changes to Sync on Freq or modulators are now properly flagged as setup changes, causing a save prompt on Quit.

  • Bug Fix: Files opened by STIM3A (Arb, Play, or Setup) were not always closed properly until Quit. Could possibly have exceeded DOS open file limit.

  • Bug Fix: STIM3A menu persisted if Board was toggled off, now properly replaced by Virtual Source menu.

Version 2.00a

Releassed 4-11-2001.
  • Bug Fix: Use of S:+ parameter to auto-load a setup file at session start could cause system lock-up if there was a file error or wrong file format.

Version 2.00

Initial Release 3-1-2001.

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