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[STIM3A Composer Spectrogram (18K image)]

This is an example of the complex stimulus generation capabilities possible using the STIM3A.GEN Avanced Stimulus Signal Generator module. This is the spectrogram of a short passage of "Oriental"-sounding music created by the COMPOSER.S3A setup. This setup employs many of the advanced features of STIM3A, including generation of random values, arbitrary waveforms, several different modulator types, and the modulation of one generated waveform by another (page modulation).

This signal is generated dynamically in real-time. It plays a "song" that doesn't repeat for over 100 billion years! (The "dashed line" effect is due to deep amplitude modulation via the Burst generator, which was deliberately made asynchronus from the note generation.)

Note that STIM3A only works with lab-type boards, or the SB16-family sound cards. However, the ESS and older 8-bit cards can use their internal OPL2 or OPL3 synthesizers to generate independent Left and Right outputs. None of the sound cards support STIM3A digital outputs, though all of the lab-type boards do.


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