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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems
(Use Daqarta for Windows with modern systems)


Screen-capture images are full screen resolution. They may appear compressed on your browser due to differences in video mode, but each would exactly fill the Daqarta screen. While Daqarta allows complete screen color control, your browser and/or Windows may not. The colors chosen for these images thus represent a compromise for typical 16-color and 256-color browser modes. In particular, the trace grid may appear faint, especially in 16-color mode.

Each of the links below takes you to a page with one or two screen images plus descriptive text. Image size ranges from 10 Kbytes to 32 Kbytes each.

  • Speech spectrogram acquired with SB16. Image shows individual syllables, glottal pulse harmonics, etc.

  • LPTX SAR model ADC performance. "Board" is just 17 resistors, running at 30 kHz sample rate on a 486DX-33 laptop. Images show waveform and spectrum of 540 Hz sine input.

  • Synchronous sampling vs windowing. One image compares spectra of signals sampled synchronously vs. asynchronously, while another compares unwindowed vs. Hanning window effects on the asynchronous spectrum.

  • Waveform averaging recovers sine wave buried in noise. Images show raw vs. averaged waveforms, plus resultant spectra.

  • STIM3 signal generation for lab-type boards or SB16-family sound cards. Shows example of complex multi-tone burst from DAC0, continuous sine from DAC1, and 8 independent digital outputs. (Digital outputs only available on lab-type boards.)

  • The STIM3A Advanced Stimulus Signal Generator can do everything that STIM3 can do, plus a LOT more. Example shows spectrogram using COMPOSER.S3A setup to create "Oriental"-sounding music in real-time.

  • OPL3 signal generation for sound cards shows separate SB16 Left and Right tone burst outputs with different frequency, timing, and level parameters, mixed externally to Left Line input.

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