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Daqarta for DOS
Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
Shareware for Legacy Systems
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[Speech Spectrogram (32K image)]

Spectrogram of spoken "DAQARTA", with approximate location of features shown on the comment/message line. The initial portion of the "DA" is distinguished by the upsweep of the first formant and the downsweep of the second, which then hold steady for the "A" portion of the syllable.

Note the stacked horizontal streaks in vowel regions, particularly prominent in the accented "QAR" syllable. Each line is a harmonic of the "glottal impulse" that excites the vocal tract at the fundamental frequency of the speaker's voice.

The waveform was recorded Direct-to-Disk (DDisk) with a Sound Blaster 16 (using the SB16.ADC driver) at a 20 kHz sample rate on a 386DX-40 system. The recording was then analyzed in Free-run (Trig off) 1024 point FFT mode with a Hanning window applied. Start position and overlap were adjusted so that the utterance just filled the screen width.

Although this spectrogram was viewed "live" in real-time during recording, playback analysis allows full control of overlap. This is especially important on slower systems, since the real-time overlap is determined by the number of input sample intervals that elapse during processing and screen update.


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