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Stream Channel and Number

Controls: Generator Dialog >> Stream >> Left/Right,0-3
Macros: StreamChan, Stream

The Left and Right output channels each support up to four Streams, each with its own control dialog. When you click on the Left or Right Wave Controls button in the main Generator dialog, the 0 Stream dialog opens for that channel. At the top left of the dialog is a button marked Left or Right accordingly, followed by buttons marked 0 through 3 for each Stream of that channel.

The Left/Right channel button is always shown in the "up" state. One of the numbered Stream buttons (default 0) will be down, indicating that the current dialog applies to that Stream.

If the currently-shown channel is also enabled in the main Generator dialog, it is marked here with a small red "LED" highlight square. If any of the Streams for that channel is active, its button is shown highlighted. Thus you can tell at a glance which Streams contribute to the output of a channel.

Clicking on any of the numbered buttons changes the dialog to that Stream number for the indicated Left or Right channel. Clicking on the Left/Right button changes to the opposite channel.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard via ALT and the desired Stream number to change streams within the same channel, or ALT+PgUp or ALT+PgDn to flip between Left and Right channels. This allows changing to any other stream even when the buttons are covered by another dialog.

This can be handy when adjusting the settings on the same sub-dialog of different streams. For example, suppose you have tone bursts on L.0 Stream and L.1 Stream you want to change their relative timing. You can change the Burst Lag on L.0 Stream, after which you can hit ALT+1. The controls will change to L.1 Stream, and you will still be in the Burst dialog, ready to change the corresponding value there. You don't have to back out of L.0 Stream, select L.1 Stream, and then re-enter the Burst dialog with the mouse.

Be sure to pay attention to the current Stream channel and number in the dialog title, especially if you are flipping between two very similar streams!

Macro Notes:

StreamChan=R or StreamChan=1 forces the Right Stream dialog if the Left is currently open, keeping the same Stream Number. StreamChan=L or StreamChan=0 forces Left if Right is open, and StreamChan=x toggles between Left and Right.

Stream=1 sets Stream 1 for the current Left or Right stream dialog, if open. Values from 0 to 3 are valid.

Note that these channel and stream controls are not often needed. You can set any control for any channel or stream directly, without having any specific dialog open, by using prefixes before the command. For example, R.1.Level=50 sets Right Stream 1 Level to 50%.

Alternatively, instead of explicit channel and stream prefixes like R.1., you can use Ch.Level=50 where you have previously set the Channel Select macro variable Ch to the desired the stream. This alllows a WHILE loop to set multiple streams by stepping through Ch values. For this purpose the Left and Right streams are considered together as a single set numbered 0-7. The Ch equivalents are:

    0  =  L.0.   Left Stream 0
    1  =  L.1.   Left Stream 1
    2  =  L.2.   Left Stream 2
    3  =  L.3.   Left Stream 3
    4  =  R.0.   Right Stream 0
    5  =  R.1.   Right Stream 1
    6  =  R.2.   Right Stream 2
    7  =  R.3.   Right Stream 3

See also Waveform Stream Controls, Signal Generator Control Dialog


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