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Machines.GEN Setup File - Mad Scientist Lab Background Sound

This setup creates a low-frequency "power hum" background sound for use with a Halloween "Mad Scientist Lab" display. It generates components at 40, 60, and 80 Hz on Left Streams 0, 1, and 2, with varying amplitudes that rise and fall on a 10-second cycle. Each component uses the Arb_Fake_Vowel.DAT waveform, which has its own second and third harmonics as well as the fundamental.

Amplitude Modulation (AM) with differing modulator frequencies is used on each component to get a rough, tremulous hum. Burst modulation is used to provide the 10-second cycle.

The Right channel contains special signals that track the amplitude fluctuations of the audible Left. A 57 Hz square wave on Right Stream 0 uses Frequency Modulation (FM) with a Deviation of +/-50 Hz and a modulation frequency of 0.10 Hz to vary the output from 7 Hz to 107 Hz over 10 seconds.

Right Stream 1 is a 200 Hz square wave that uses the Burst modulator to produce a 4 second burst (2 seconds rising, 2 falling) at the point where the Left channel amplitude is maximum.

The two Right streams were used independently with an inexpensive CM6206 5.1 channel USB sound card to drive a custom controller. Right Stream 0 flickered and dimmed the room lights when the Left sound was loudest, to simulate an excessive drain on the mains when the "experiment" was at maximum power. At that same time, Right Stream 1 caused a hidden red light to beam out from the hollow neck of a headless "Frankenstein's monster" on the mad scientist's operating table.

The right channel was thus never meant to be heard, so it is toggled off in the version included with Daqarta. If you toggle it on, you'll see that the Generator Clip Indicator flashes due to the two Right streams, both at 100% Level, being added together if not separately routed with the Multi-Channel Output Controls.

See also !Spooky.GEN Sci-Fi Theremin Simulator, !Spooky4.DQM MIDI Setup for Halloween, DaqMusiq


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