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Sync Restart Generator

Controls: Edit Menu >> Run Preferences >> Sync Restart
Macro: SyncRestart

When the Generator and Input are both active (full-duplex operation), it is usually desirable to have the waveforms synchronized on the display, so that you can see (and measure with the cursor readouts) the relative timing between, say, the leading edge of a pulse from the Generator and the corresponding response to that pulse as shown on the Input.

Surpisingly, Windows offers no means to accomplish this. Daqarta thus uses a fairly elaborate scheme to determine the alignment, which requires that the input and output processes start in a particular order, then restart after a brief delay.

Note: The Duplex Delay settings for your sound card must have been previously determined by the Auto-Calibration process.

However, when most Generator controls are changed, sound output is automatically restarted to insure that the new values are properly reflected in the output waveform. That causes a discontinuity in the waveform, audible as a click.

But if the Input is also active, that must likewise be restarted, then both are restarted after the delay to insure synchrony. That causes a double click.

If your application doesn't require waveform synchrony (such as when viewing the Spectrum, which is typically unaffected by relative alignment), you may toggle Sync Restart Generator off to avoid the double click.

Note that you can use the GenUpdate macro to prevent the Generator, and thus the Input, from restarting on each change during a series of macro operations. That action is independent of Sync Restart Generator.

See also Run Preferences Dialog


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