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Revision History - v11.7.0

Daqarta v11.7.0 - 15 June 2023

Former Color Edit Dialog is now Colors & Line Styles Dialog with controls to set display Line Width for all channels, and Line Style for individual channels. Color and style setups can be saved and loaded to new .RGB files. Daqarta includes Default.RGB to restore original colors and styles, plus Line_Styles_3.RGB showing different line styles, also BW_Style_3.RGB and Gray_Style_3.RGB example setups to create black-and-white images for print publication. The Color And Style Applications topic shows examples of these in use, plus the advantage of wider lines when creating thumbnail images.

Enhanced Engine_Sim macro mini-app now allows a Custom Profile List to support engines with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) using separate intake and exhaust cam sensors. The relative timing of each can be adjusted manually while the simulation is running. The exhaust sensor output is sent to the Center channel on Multi-Channel Outputs. For development purposes, you can display all three waveforms even with a stereo-only card by using the Show All Raw Chans option in the Multi-Channel dialog. See also the Engine_Sim Bug Fixes below.

Notes large pop-up dialog now includes buttons for loading Notes from a text file, saving Notes to a text file, or clearing Notes. Macro commands allow automation of all these. For convenience, a Font button is included that is a duplicate of the small one on the main Daqarta window.

New !Spooky.GEN Theremin Simulator recreates the 4-note theme from old Sci-Fi movies. !Spooky4.DQM MIDI setup plays the same theme via built-in MIDI synthesizer, enhanced with changing instruments and octaves for more pleasant long-term Halloween listening.

New Machines.GEN setup generates rising and falling "power hum" background for "mad scientist laboratory" Halloween display.

The Arb_From_Equation macro mini-app now includes the Arb_Fake_Vowel.DAT waveform file, used in the above Machines.GEN and optionally in the !Spooky.GEN Theremin Simulator. Also includes Power Law code for Y=X^P with Arbs Arb_Power_2.DAT, Arb_Power_3.DAT, Arb_Power_5.DAT, and Arb_Power_10.DAT for P = 2, 3, 5, and 10. Daqarta now includes a total of 47 waveform Arbs.

New Buf0#Ux macro display command allows setting a custom X-axis units name. Together with the existing Buf0#R command to set a new apparent sample rate, the above Engine_Sim can now optionally show engine waveforms in degrees, instead of the default milliseconds. This simplifies use of the new manual Variable Valve Timing (VVT) controls.

New Buf0="<NotesFR" macro copy command allows raw data from saved .DQA file Notes to be stored to a buffer even when the file is loaded as an Arb that doesn't normally display file Notes. The enhanced Engine_Sim uses this to show user comments during Simulation mode that were saved as Notes during the Design mode.

The Show All Raw Chans button in the Multi-Channel Outputs dialog is not supported when Decimation is active, but there was previously no indication, or explanation of why it didn't work. Now the button is visibly disabled, and a "Toggle X-Axis Decimate OFF to enable" message is shown below it.

Scientific unit prefixes now include the newly defined international standard Quetta (10^30), Ronna (10^27), ronto (10^-27), and quecto (10^-30) to support extremely large and small and values in macro calculations.

Engine_Sim Bug Fix: After Create Arb was used to save an engine design, some internal design parameters no longer matched their control settings. Required exiting Engine_Sim and restarting to continue designing.

Engine_Sim Bug Fix: After running in SIMULATION Mode and toggling back to DESIGN Mode, some internal design parameters no longer matched their control settings. Required exiting Engine_Sim and restarting to continue designing.

Engine_Sim Bug Fix: There are two crank revolutions per cam revolution. In Crank Sync during Simulation mode, the display now syncs only to the initial crank sync pulse (the second is now slightly smaller to distinguish) so it is always shown in proper sync with the cam. Previously, the display would sync on both crank revs, appearing to jump back and forth relative to the cam.

Engine_Sim Bug Fix: Engine_Sim changes a number of Trigger and Decimation settings during operation, which are restored when you exit it via the OK or [X] buttons. However, when exiting while in Simulation mode, the Generator was intentionally left with the simulated sensor outputs running as-is, without restoring Trigger or Decimate changes. That could be confusing if you wanted to do something else, so now you must hold down any shift key (SHIFT, CTRL, or ALT) while exiting in order to keep the simulation running and skip the restorations.

Bug Fix: Use of the Buf0#R macro display command to change the X-axis sometimes resulted in wrong values shown on the axis and/or cursor position readouts, especially when Trigger Delay or Decimation were active.

Bug Fix: The StreamOn macro now operates on any Generator stream without affecting the stream dialog currently displayed. Previously it switched to the stream specified in the macro, without restoring the current stream dialog afterward.

Bug Fix: A file save macro such as SaveDQA="MyFile" shows MyFile as the default name in the Save As dialog. The user can edit that name as desired, say to MyFileOne, before the actual save. If the macro is run again, the original MyFile default name is shown as before. But if the user edits that, say to MyFileTwo, and then aborts without saving, subsequent saves used MyFileOne instead of the macro-specified MyFile.

Bug Fix: The 'm' key now mutes the Generator Volume/dB Slider dialog if it is open.


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