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Waveform Averager Toggle

Controls: Wave Avg Dialog >> Average
Macro: Avg

When the Waveform Averager control dialog is visible, you can start an average by clicking on the Average button at the top of the dialog. Alternatively, whether the dialog is visible or not, you can click on the Averager button at the left end of the toolbar, or use the ALT+A accelerator key.

Note that these will normally only start a waveform average from the waveform display mode; in the Spectrum display mode a spectrum average will be started instead.

Once you have started a waveform average you may toggle the spectrum display (ALT+S) at any time to see the spectrum of the waveform average.

The toolbar Averager button will change to 'Wave Avg' when the wave averager is running, and it will stay that way after an average completes. At that point the display will be Paused and will show the results of the completed average. If the Generator is on, the output will continue normally. Toggling the Pause button off (ALT+P) will restore non-averaged operation, and the 'Wave Avg' label will return to 'Averager'.

However, if the wave average is done and paused, such that the 'Wave Avg' label is still showing, then starting a new average by any of the above methods will always start a waveform average, even from Spectrum display mode. This is useful when you are primarily interested in the spectrum of the waveform average; otherwise, you would have to unPause, toggle back to waveform display mode, start the new waveform average, and toggle back to spectrum display mode.

If you are in Spectrum mode and want to start a Waveform average where one has not just completed, you may use the ALT+\ accelerator key.

When an average is running, you can abandon it at any time by toggling it off. The display will revert to showing current "live" data, and the 'Wave Avg' label will return to 'Averager'.

If you hit Pause during a running average, the display and the averager operation will be frozen until you unPause, or until you abandon the average by toggling it off. Signal output is unaffected.

A running average will show the total number of frames accumulated in the Total Frames Counter (beneath the Averager button). This value will stop incrementing when the average is done, when the requested time constant is reached in Exponential mode, or when it is paused. It will be cleared when the average is abandoned.

Macro Notes:

Avg=1 starts a Waveform Average if the display is currently in waveform display mode. In Spectrum mode it starts a Spectrum Average. Avg=0 cancels the average, and Avg=x starts an average if none is running, or cancels a running average.

Caution: Be very careful with Avg=0 or Avg=x. If a running average is cancelled, the averaged data is lost and the display reverts to live data. Use Pause=1 to Pause a running average, and Pause=0 to resume the average.

Avg#W=1 starts a Waveform Average from either waveform or Spectrum mode. It is the equivalent of the ALT+\ accelerator key. (There is no option to do the reverse and start a Spectrum Average from waveform mode, since spectral data are not available to be averaged.)

WaitAvg or WaitPause Event Wait Macros may be used to suspend macro processing until an average is done, so the results are available to be saved or otherwise processed.

See also Averager and Waveform Averager Controls.


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