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Macro Commands In MIDI Scripts

This family of MIDI commands allows access to selected main Daqarta macro commands that may be useful in MIDI Changes scripts.

Each command starts with 'G' followed by a 2-letter code to specify the corresponding macro command. In addition, the first two commands in the table (corresponding to TiltdB and Tilt macros) use a period and a 2-letter suffix to specify the channel: .LI, .RI, .LO, .RO for Left In, Right In, Left Out, Right Out. (These same 2-letter channel selectors are given as prefixes in the macro versions.)

Please note that all of these MIDI commands require numerical values, even though the macro equivalents for some "radio button" controls may allow optional text versions. For example, SpectWind=Bkmn to set a Blackman spectrum window must here use the numerical equivalent GST=2.

The table below shows commands to set values, but MIDI scripts can also read these values or use them in MIDI IF statements. For example, to display the Left Out Tilt dB value as a decimal, you could use oLf=GCT.LI.

For additional information, click on the macro links for each command.

        MIDI Script        Macro              Description
    GCT.LI=n  LI.TiltdB     Spectrum Tilt dB value, Left Input
    GCt.LI=n  LI.Tilt       Spectrum Tilt state, Left Input
    GMM=n     SgMode        Spectrogram mode (0-2)
    GPT=n     PitchTrk      Pitch Track state
    GPH=n     PitchHyst     Pitch Hysteresis
    GPO=n     PitchOct      Pitch +/- Octaves
    GPS=n     PitchShow     Pitch Display
    GPW=n     PitchWide     Pitch Line Width state
    GPY=n     PitchYaxis    Pitch Freq Axis (Notes/Freq/MIDI)
    GPs=n     PitchSteps    Pitch Steps state
    GSW=n     SpectWindOn   Spectrum Window state
    GSw=n     SpectWidth    Spectrum Window Width
    GST=n     SpectWind     Spectrum Window Type
    GTx=n     Trig          Trigger state
    GTM=n     TrigMode      Trigger Mode
    GTS=n     TrigSrc       Trigger Source
    GTL=n     TrigLevel     Trigger Level
    GXt=n     Xpand         X-Axis (Sgram frequency) eXpand
    GXM=n     XpandMax      X-Axis (Sgram frequency) eXpand Max
    GXm=n     XpandMin      X-Axis (Sgram frequency) eXpand Min
    GXU=n     TraceUpdate   Trace Update Interval
    GYm=n     TraceMag      Trace Magnification Range
    GYT=n     YlogTop       Top dB Value
    GYt=n     YlogScrnTop   Top Screen Pixel dB
    GYb=n     YlogScrnBot   Bottom Screen Pixel dB
    GVM=n     MasterMute    Mute Output Volume
    GVL=n     SynthVolL     Left MIDI Volume
    GVR=n     SynthVolR     Right MIDI Volume (XP)

See also Changes Script Overview, Changes Script Editor, MIDI Voice Setup Dialogs, Pitch-to-MIDI dialog, Pitch Track Toolbox - Overview


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