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Spectrum Analyzer

Signal Generator

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Pitch Tracker


DaqMusiq Generator
(Free Music... Forever!)

Engine Simulator

LCR Meter

Remote Operation

DC Measurements

True RMS Voltmeter

Sound Level Meter

Frequency Counter
    Spectral Event

    MHz Frequencies

Data Logger

Waveform Averager


Post-Stimulus Time
Histogram (PSTH)

THD Meter

IMD Meter

Precision Phase Meter

Pulse Meter

Macro System

Multi-Trace Arrays

Trigger Controls


Spectral Peak Track

Spectrum Limit Testing

Direct-to-Disk Recording



Frequency response

Distortion measurement

Speech and music

Microphone calibration

Loudspeaker test

Auditory phenomena

Musical instrument tuning

Animal sound

Evoked potentials

Rotating machinery


Product test

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Macro Dialog

Controls: Options Menu >> Macro Dialog
Macro: MacroDlg

See Macro Overview for an introduction to the macro system.

The Macro Dialog (CTRL+F8) shows a list of available macro commands, and allows you to select and run a macro, as well as halt or cancel a long-running macro, step through a complex macro one command at a time, or create and edit macros. Collections of macros can be saved to or loaded from files.

Accessibility: When the Macro Dialog opens, the keyboard focus is on the ID field for changing the selected macro, but the Run button will respond when if you hit Enter. The Tab key moves from ID, to Run, to each of the other buttons, and back to ID. To move the focus to the Macro List, hit SHIFT+Tab from the ID field.

NOTE: The Macro Save File button is disabled after the trial period, unless a Professional license key is present. However, you may continue to load and use the included macro files, or those you have previously created, and you may create and use macros within a session without saving to a file. Instant Macros continue to work normally, including the ability to cut and paste commands from an external text file.

Macro Notes:

MacroDlg=1 opens the Macro Dialog, MacroDlg=0 closes it, and MacroDlg=x toggles between open and closed.

One use for this command is to have the Macro Dialog open automatically when Daqarta is started, by including it in the ! macro of Daqarta0.MAC that runs at startup.

There is also a special use: MacroDlg?A returns 1 if the macro is being auto-run on startup, else 0. This allows the default First_Run macro to test whether it is being run manually, and behave accordingly.

See also Macro Overview


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