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AllScales List of Musical Scales

Below is a list of 532 named musical scales, which appear in the Musical Scales List that is displayed when the Scale dialog is open for a MIDI Voice Setup.

This list also appears as the AllScales.TXT file in the Documents - Daqarta - User_Data - MIDI_Setup folder, as noted in the List Of Included Daqarta Files

The scales are mostly in alphabetical order, with the exception of several common scales at the start for quick access. Some scales are repeated in different groups; for example, Blues Major and Blues Minor appear in the top group, but they also appear in the larger group of Blues scales.

Also, at the very end of the list is a group of Chord scales. These are scales that correspond to the notes of a chord. Standard chord names are used here, although some of these also have standard scale names. However, some of those that don't are quite musically useful, such as Chord M6 (Major 6th chord).

The first column is the numerical value of the scale, obtained from the binary equivalent of the second column that shows which notes of the octave starting with C are included.

The third column is the common name, of which there may not be universal agreement, but which is convenient to use.

Some identical scales (having the same number) appear in different places under different names. For example, scale 2773 is variouly called Major, Ethiopian 1, Ionian, Mela Dhirasankara, and Theta Bilaval. Likewise, 2906 is called Natural Minor, Aeolian, Ethiopian 3, Mela Natabhairavi, and Theta Asavari.

4095   ;CdDeEFgGaAbB   Chromatic
2773   ;C D EF G A B   Major
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Natural Minor
2777   ;C D EF Ga  B   Harmonic Major
2905   ;C De F Ga  B   Harmonic Minor
2901   ;C De F G A B   Melodic Minor (Ascend)
2730   ;C D E g a b    Whole Tone
2708   ;C D E  G A     Pentatonic Major
2386   ;C  e F G  b    Pentatonic Minor
2642   ;C D  F G  b    Pentatonic Neutral
2964   ;C DeE  G A     Blues Major
2418   ;C  e FgG  b    Blues Minor
2925   ;C De Fg aA B   Diminished
2774   ;C D EF G Ab    Dominant 7th
2902   ;C De F G Ab    Dorian
2741   ;C D E gG A B   Lydian
3434   ;Cd e Fg a b    Locrian
3418   ;Cd e F Ga b    Phrygian
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Aeolian
2477   ;C  eE g aA B   Aeolian Flat 1
2937   ;C De FgGa  B   Algerian
3156   ;Cd   F G A     Altered Pentatonic
3456   ;Cd eE          Alternate TetraMirror
2925   ;C De Fg aA B   Arabian 1
2794   ;C D EFg a b    Arabian 2
2909   ;C De F GaA B   Arabian Zirafkend
2473   ;C  eE g a  B   Augmented
2184   ;C   E   a      Augmented Chord
3352   ;Cd e   Ga      Balinese
3248   ;Cd  E gG       Balinese Pentatonic
3799   ;CdD EF G AbB   Bebop Chromatic
2775   ;C D EF G AbB   Bebop Dominant
3449   ;Cd e FgGa  B   Bebop Half-Diminished
2781   ;C D EF GaA B   Bebop Major
2780   ;C D EF GaA     Bebop Major Heptatonic
2716   ;C D E  GaA     Bebop Major Hexatonic
3030   ;C DeEF G Ab    Bebop Minor
2966   ;C DeE  G Ab    Bebop Minor Heptatonic
3285   ;Cd  EF G A B   Bhairubahar Thaat
2964   ;C DeE  G A     Blues Major
2418   ;C  e FgG  b    Blues Minor
3510   ;Cd eE gG Ab    Blues Diminished
3476   ;Cd eE  G A     Blues Dorian Hexatonic
3062   ;C DeEFgG Ab    Blues Enneatonic
2422   ;C  e FgG Ab    Blues Heptatonic
2419   ;C  e FgG  bB   Blues Leading Tone
2417   ;C  e FgG   B   Blues Minor Maj7
2930   ;C De FgG  b    Blues Modified
2934   ;C De FgG Ab    Blues Octatonic
3872   ;CdDe  g        Blues Pentacluster
3442   ;Cd e FgG  b    Blues Phrygian
2401   ;C  e Fg    B   Blues V
3289   ;Cd  EF Ga  B   Byzantine
2504   ;C  eEF  a      Centered PentaMirror
2634   ;C D  F  a b    Chaio
2225   ;C   E gG   B   Chinese
2322   ;C  e   G  b    Chinese Bi Yu
2708   ;C D E  G A     Chinese Mongolian
3830   ;CdD EFgG Ab    Chinese Youlan
2510   ;C  eEF  aAb    Chrom. Hypodorian Inv.
3305   ;Cd  EFg a  B   Chrom. Hypolydian Inv.
4092   ;CdDeEFgGaA     Chromatic DecaMirror
4064   ;CdDeEFg        Chromatic HeptaMirror
4032   ;CdDeEF         Chromatic HexaMirror
2972   ;C DeE  GaA     Chromatic Hypodorian
3257   ;Cd  E gGa  B   Chromatic Hypolydian
4088   ;CdDeEFgGa      Chromatic NonaMirror
4080   ;CdDeEFgG       Chromatic OctaMirror
3968   ;CdDeE          Chromatic PentaMirror
3840   ;CdDe           Chromatic TetraMirror
3584   ;CdD            Chromatic TriMirror
4094   ;CdDeEFgGaAb    Chromatic UndecaMirror
2708   ;C D E  G A     Diatonic
3934   ;CdDe F GaAb    Diatonic Dorian Chrom.
3805   ;CdD EF GaA B   Diatonic Dorian Perm.
2340   ;C  e  g  A     Diminished 7th Chord
2336   ;C  e  g        Diminished Chord
3498   ;Cd eE g a b    Diminished Whole Tone
2706   ;C D E  G  b    Dominant Pentatonic
2902   ;C De F G Ab    Dorian
2910   ;C De F GaAb    Dorian Aeolian
2918   ;C De Fg  Ab    Dorian b5
3676   ;CdD  F GaA     Dorian Chromatic
2515   ;C  eEF G  bB   Dorian Chromatic Inv.
2836   ;C De   G A     Dorian Pentatonic
2880   ;C De F         Dorian Tetrachord
3290   ;Cd  EF Ga b    Dorico Flamenco
3289   ;Cd  EF Ga  B   Double Harmonic
2642   ;C D  F G  b    Egyptian
3307   ;Cd  EFg a bB   Enigmatic
3243   ;Cd  E g a bB   Enigmatic Ascending
3275   ;Cd  EF  a bB   Enigmatic Descending
3371   ;Cd e  g a bB   Enigmatic Minor
2729   ;C D E g a  B   Eskimo Hexatonic 1
2732   ;C D E g aA     Eskimo Hexatonic 2
2704   ;C D E  G       Eskimo Tetratonic
2773   ;C D EF G A B   Ethiopian 1
2777   ;C D EF Ga  B   Ethiopian 2
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Ethiopian 3
3546   ;Cd eEF Ga b    Flamenco
2911   ;C De F GaAbB   Full Minor all flats
3549   ;Cd eEF GaA B   Genus Chromaticum
2130   ;C    F G  b    Genus Primum Inverse
2261   ;C   EF G A B   Genus Secundum
2870   ;C De  gG Ab    Gnossiennes
3038   ;C DeEF GaAb    Greek Houseini
2517   ;C  eEF G A B   Greek Houzam
2942   ;C De FgGaAb    Greek Kiourdi
3387   ;Cd e  gGa bB   Greek Neveseri
2970   ;C DeE  Ga b    Greek Sabach
3182   ;Cd   Fg aAb    Gypsy Hexatonic 1
3292   ;Cd  EF GaA     Gypsy Hexatonic 2
3434   ;Cd e Fg a b    Half Diminished
2922   ;C De Fg a b    Half Diminished 2
2777   ;C D EF Ga  B   Harmonic Major
2905   ;C De F Ga  B   Harmonic Minor
2765   ;C D EF  aA B   Harmonic Major 2
3286   ;Cd  EF G Ab    Harmonic Minor Inv.
2848   ;C De  g        Harm. Min. Tetrachord
3929   ;CdDe F Ga  B   Harm. Neapolitan Minor
2837   ;C De   G A B   Hawaiian 1
2901   ;C De F G A B   Hawaiian 2
2733   ;C D E g aA B   Hindi IV & V
2742   ;C D E gG Ab    Hindi IV & bVII
2778   ;C D EF Ga b    Hindu
3426   ;Cd e Fg   b    Honchoshi Plagal Form
3289   ;Cd  EF Ga  B   Hungarian Folk
2874   ;C De  gGa b    Hungarian Gypsy
2486   ;C  eE gG Ab    Hungarian Major
2873   ;C De  gGa  B   Hungarian Minor
3897   ;CdDe  gGa  B   Hungarian Minor b2
3700   ;CdD  FgG A     Hypophrygian Inv.
2773   ;C D EF G A B   Ionian
2765   ;C D EF  aA B   Ionian 5
2257   ;C   EF G   B   Ionian Pentatonic
2648   ;C D  F Ga      Japanese Han-Kumoi
2840   ;C De   Ga      Japanese Hirajoshi
2805   ;C D EFgG A B   Japanese Ichikosucho
3170   ;Cd   Fg   b    Japanese Iwato
3154   ;Cd   F G  b    Japanese Kokin-Joshi
2836   ;C De   G A     Japanese Kumoi
2669   ;C D  Fg aA B   Japanese Nohkan
3376   ;Cd e  gG       Japanese Pentachord
2644   ;C D  F G A     Japanese Ritusen
3160   ;Cd   F Ga      Japanese Sakura
2114   ;C    F    b    Japanese Sanagari
2807   ;C D EFgG AbB   Japanese Taishikicho
3414   ;Cd e F G Ab    Javanese
3414   ;Cd e F G Ab    Jazz Minor Inverse
3926   ;CdDe F G Ab    Jewish Adonai Malakh
3290   ;Cd  EF Ga b    Jewish Ahaba Rabba
2724   ;C D E g  A     Kung
2731   ;C D E g a bB   Leading Whole Tone
3434   ;Cd e Fg a b    Locrian
2921   ;C De Fg a  B   Locrian 2
3436   ;Cd e Fg aA     Locrian bb7
3430   ;Cd e Fg  Ab    Locrian Natural Maj 6
3424   ;Cd e Fg        Locrian PentaMirror
2741   ;C D E gG A B   Lydian
2485   ;C  eE gG A B   Lydian 2
2453   ;C  eE  G A B   Lydian 2 Hexatonic
2733   ;C D E g aA B   Lydian Augmented
3301   ;Cd  EFg  A B   Lydian Chromatic
3385   ;Cd e  gGa  B   Lydian Chromatic Inv.
2869   ;C De  gG A B   Lydian Diminished
2742   ;C D E gG Ab    Lydian Dominant
2709   ;C D E  G A B   Lydian Hexatonic
2746   ;C D E gGa b    Lydian Minor
2807   ;C D EFgG AbB   Lydian Mixolydian
2736   ;C D E gG       Lydian Pentachord
3499   ;Cd eE g a bB   Magen Abot 1
3501   ;Cd eE g aA B   Magen Abot 2
3039   ;C DeEF GaAbB   Major & Minor mixed
2372   ;C  e F   A     Major b7 Chord
2596   ;C D   g  A     Major b7 Chord 2
2344   ;C  e  g a      Major Dominant b7
2794   ;C D EFg a b    Major Locrian
2805   ;C D EFgG A B   Major Lydian
2778   ;C D EF Ga b    Major Minor
2768   ;C D EF G       Major Pentachord
2752   ;C D EF         Major Tetrachord
3291   ;Cd  EF Ga bB   Maqam Hijaz
3558   ;Cd eEFg  Ab    Maqam Shadd'araban
3386   ;Cd e  gGa b    Mela Bhavapriya
3286   ;Cd  EF G Ab    Mela Chakravakam
2515   ;C  eEF G  bB   Mela Chalanata
2778   ;C D EF Ga b    Mela Charukesi
2739   ;C D E gG  bB   Mela Citrambari
2869   ;C De  gG A B   Mela Dharmavati
2489   ;C  eE gGa  B   Mela Dhatuvardhani
3260   ;Cd  E gGaA     Mela Dhavalambari
3417   ;Cd e F Ga  B   Mela Dhenuka
2773   ;C D EF G A B   Mela Dhirasankara
3379   ;Cd e  gG  bB   Mela Divamani
3253   ;Cd  E gG A B   Mela Gamanasrama
3673   ;CdD  F Ga  B   Mela Ganamurti
2521   ;C  eEF Ga  B   Mela Gangeyabhusani
2901   ;C De F G A B   Mela Gaurimanohari
3388   ;Cd e  gGaA     Mela Gavambohdi
3292   ;Cd  EF GaA     Mela Gayakapriya
3418   ;Cd e F Ga b    Mela Hanumattodi
2774   ;C D EF G Ab    Mela Harikambhoji
3283   ;Cd  EF G  bB   Mela Hatakambari
2870   ;C De  gG Ab    Mela Hemavati
3642   ;CdD   gGa b    Mela Jalarnavam
3641   ;CdD   gGa  B   Mela Jhalavarali
2908   ;C De F GaA     Mela Jhankaradhvani
2490   ;C  eE gGa b    Mela Jhotisvarupini
3257   ;Cd  E gGa  B   Mela Kamavardhani
3676   ;CdD  F GaA     Mela Kanakangi
2748   ;C D E gGaA     Mela Kantamani
2902   ;C De F G Ab    Mela Kharaharapriya
2905   ;C De F Ga  B   Mela Kiravani
3413   ;Cd e F G A B   Mela Kokilapriya
2485   ;C  eE gG A B   Mela Kosalam
2745   ;C D E gGa  B   Mela Latangi
3669   ;CdD  F G A B   Mela Manavati
2780   ;C D EF GaA     Mela Mararanjani
2741   ;C D E gG A B   Mela Mechakalyani
2771   ;C D EF G  bB   Mela Nagananadini
3258   ;Cd  E gGa b    Mela Namanarayani
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Mela Natabhairavi
3414   ;Cd e F G Ab    Mela Natakapriya
3638   ;CdD   gG Ab    Mela Navanitam
2867   ;C De  gG  bB   Mela Nitimati
3637   ;CdD   gG A B   Mela Pavani
2522   ;C  eEF Ga b    Mela Ragavardhani
3635   ;CdD   gG  bB   Mela Raghupriya
3254   ;Cd  E gG Ab    Mela Ramapriya
2483   ;C  eE gG  bB   Mela Rasikapriya
3674   ;CdD  F Ga b    Mela Ratnangi
2746   ;C D E gGa b    Mela Risabhapriya
3411   ;Cd e F G  bB   Mela Rupavati
3382   ;Cd e  gG Ab    Mela Sadvidhamargini
3644   ;CdD   gGaA     Mela Salaga
2874   ;C De  gGa b    Mela Sanmukhapriya
2777   ;C D EF Ga  B   Mela Sarasangi
3420   ;Cd e F GaA     Mela Senavati
2873   ;C De  gGa  B   Mela Simhendramadhyama
3385   ;Cd e  gGa  B   Mela Subhapantuvarali
2492   ;C  eE gGaA     Mela Sucharitra
2517   ;C  eEF G A B   Mela Sulini
3285   ;Cd  EF G A B   Mela Suryakantam
2876   ;C De  gGaA     Mela Syamalangi
3667   ;CdD  F G  bB   Mela Tanarupi
2518   ;C  eEF G Ab    Mela Vagadhisvari
3670   ;CdD  F G Ab    Mela Vanaspati
2899   ;C De F G  bB   Mela Varunapriya
2742   ;C D E gG Ab    Mela Vaschaspati
3251   ;Cd  E gG  bB   Mela Visvambhari
2524   ;C  eEF GaA     Mela Yagapriya
2923   ;C De Fg a bB   Messiaen 2 Brown
2925   ;C De Fg aA B   Messiaen 2 Groves
2340   ;C  e  g  A     Messiaen 2nd Mode
3445   ;Cd e FgG A B   Messiaen 3 Brown
2184   ;C   E   a      Messiaen 3rd Mode
3640   ;CdD   gGa      Messiaen 5th Groves
2145   ;C    Fg    B   Messiaen Mode 2-1
2405   ;C  e Fg  A B   Messiaen Mode 2-2
2665   ;C D  Fg a  B   Messiaen Mode 2-3
3120   ;Cd    gG       Messiaen Mode 2-4
3822   ;CdD EFg aAb    Messiaen Mode 3
3003   ;C DeE gGa bB   Messiaen Mode 3 Inv.
3705   ;CdD  FgGa  B   Messiaen Mode 4-1
3900   ;CdDe  gGaA     Messiaen Mode 4-2
2535   ;C  eEFg  AbB   Messiaen Mode 4 Inv.
3185   ;Cd   FgG   B   Messiaen Mode 5
2275   ;C   EFg   bB   Messiaen Mode 5 Inv
2775   ;C D EF G AbB   Messiaen Mode 6-1
3770   ;CdD E gGa b    Messiaen Mode 6-2
2795   ;C D EFg a bB   Messiaen Mode 6 Inv.
3965   ;CdDe FgGaA B   Messiaen Mode 7-1
4030   ;CdDeE gGaAb    Messiaen Mode 7-2
3055   ;C DeEFg aAbB   Messiaen Mode 7 Inv.
2210   ;C   E g   b    Messiaen Trunc 6 Inv.
2600   ;C D   g a      Messiaen Trunc. Mode 6
2338   ;C  e  g   b    Messiaen Truncated
3380   ;Cd e  gG A     Messiaen Truncated 2
3276   ;Cd  EF  aA     Messiaen Truncated 3
2388   ;C  e F G A     Minor 6th Added
2898   ;C De F G  b    Minor Hexatonic
2922   ;C De Fg a b    Minor Locrian
2896   ;C De F G       Minor Pentachord
3063   ;C DeEFgG AbB   Minor Pentatonic Lead
2816   ;C De           Minor Trichord
2774   ;C D EF G Ab    Mixolydian
2766   ;C D EF  aAb    Mixolydian Augmented
2790   ;C D EFg  Ab    Mixolydian b5
3698   ;CdD  FgG  b    Mixolydian Chromatic 1
3762   ;CdD E gG  b    Mixolydian Chromatic 2
2675   ;C D  FgG  bB   Mixolydian Chrom. Inv.
2646   ;C D  F G Ab    Mixolydian Hexatonic
2258   ;C   EF G  b    Mixolydian Pentatonic
2905   ;C De F Ga  B   Mohammedan
3547   ;Cd eEF Ga bB   Moorish Phrygian
3413   ;Cd e F G A B   Neapolitan Major
3417   ;Cd e F Ga  B   Neapolitan Minor
3756   ;CdD E g aA     Neapolitan Minor 2
3418   ;Cd e F Ga b    Neopolitan Minor 2
3005   ;C DeE gGaA B   Nine Tone
3542   ;Cd eEF G Ab    Octatonic JG
3302   ;Cd  EFg  Ab    Oriental 1
3303   ;Cd  EFg  AbB   Oriental 2
3306   ;Cd  EFg a b    Oriental 3
3680   ;CdD  Fg        Oriental Pentacluster
2742   ;C D E gG Ab    Overtone
2745   ;C D E gGa  B   Pelog
3352   ;Cd e   Ga      Pelog 1
3346   ;Cd e   G  b    Pelog 2
3305   ;Cd  EFg a  B   Persian
3418   ;Cd e F Ga b    Phrygian
3930   ;CdDe F Ga b    Phrygian Aeolian
2507   ;C  eEF  a bB   Phrygian Chromatic
3740   ;CdD E  GaA     Phrygian Chrom. Inv.
3290   ;Cd  EF Ga b    Phrygian Dominant
3428   ;Cd e Fg  A     Phrygian Double Hex.
2394   ;C  e F Ga b    Phrygian Hexatonic
3450   ;Cd e FgGa b    Phrygian Locrian
3546   ;Cd eEF Ga b    Phrygian Major
3392   ;Cd e F         Phrygian Tetrachord
3328   ;Cd e           Phrygian Trichord
3435   ;Cd e Fg a bB   Prokofiev
2726   ;C D E g  Ab    Prometheus
3238   ;Cd  E g  Ab    Prometheus Neapolitan
3430   ;Cd e Fg  Ab    Pseudo Turkish
2916   ;C De Fg  A     Pyramid Hexatonic
2884   ;C De F   A     Raga Abhogi
2865   ;C De  gG   B   Raga Amarasenapriya
2888   ;C De F  a      Raga Audva Tukhari
2886   ;C De F   Ab    Raga Bagesri
3225   ;Cd  E  Ga  B   Raga Bauli
2514   ;C  eEF G  b    Raga Bhanumanjari
3317   ;Cd  EFgG A B   Raga Bhatiyar
3370   ;Cd e  g a b    Raga Bhavani
2649   ;C D  F Ga  B   Raga Bhinna Pancama
2245   ;C   EF   A B   Raga Bhinna Shadja
2712   ;C D E  Ga      Raga Bhupeshwari
2180   ;C   E    A     Raga Bilwadala
2737   ;C D E gG   B   Raga Caturangini
2377   ;C  e F  a  B   Raga Chand. Kiravani
3636   ;CdD   gG A     Raga Chandrajyoti
2373   ;C  e F   A B   Raga Chandrakauns
2374   ;C  e F   Ab    Raga Chandrakauns Kafi
3368   ;Cd e  g a      Raga Chhaya Todi
3400   ;Cd e F  a      Raga Chitthakarshini
2878   ;C De  gGaAb    Raga Cintamani
2641   ;C D  F G   B   Raga Desh
3097   ;Cd     Ga  B   Raga Deshgaur
2137   ;C    F Ga  B   Raga Devaranjani
3256   ;Cd  E gGa      Raga Dhavalangam
2228   ;C   E gG A     Raga Dhavalashri
2800   ;C D EFgG       Raga Dipak
2257   ;C   EF G   B   Raga Gambhiranata
3410   ;Cd e F G  b    Raga Gandharavam
3281   ;Cd  EF G   B   Raga Gaula
3153   ;Cd   F G   B   Raga Gauri
2889   ;C De F  a  B   Raga Ghantana
2630   ;C D  F   Ab    Raga Guhamanohari
3369   ;Cd e  g a  B   Raga Gujari Todi
2757   ;C D EF   A B   Raga Hamsa Vinodini
2705   ;C D E  G   B   Raga Hamsadhvani
3237   ;Cd  E g  A B   Raga Hamsanandi
2346   ;C  e  g a b    Raga Harikauns
2632   ;C D  F  a      Raga Haripriya
3244   ;Cd  E g aA     Raga Hejjajji
2213   ;C   E g  A B   Raga Hindol
3250   ;Cd  E gG  b    Raga Indupriya
2618   ;C D   gGa b    Raga Jaganmohanam
2402   ;C  e Fg   b    Raga Jayakauns
3157   ;Cd   F G A B   Raga Jivantika
2355   ;C  e  gG  bB   Raga Jivantini
2234   ;C   E gGa b    Raga Jyoti
3226   ;Cd  E  Ga b    Raga Kalagada
3164   ;Cd   F GaA     Raga Kalakanthi
3182   ;Cd   Fg aAb    Raga Kalakanti
3284   ;Cd  EF G A     Raga Kalavati
2266   ;C   EF Ga b    Raga Kamalamanohari
3354   ;Cd e   Ga b    Raga Kashyapi
2246   ;C   EF   Ab    Raga Khamaji Durga
2262   ;C   EF G Ab    Raga Khamas
2392   ;C  e F Ga      Raga Kokil Pancham
3145   ;Cd   F  a  B   Raga Kshanika
2485   ;C  eE gG A B   Raga Kuksumakaram
3593   ;CdD     a  B   Raga Kumarapriya
2721   ;C D E g    B   Raga Kumurdaki
2713   ;C D E  Ga  B   Raga Latika
3144   ;Cd   F  a      Raga Lavangi
2358   ;C  e  gG Ab    Raga Madhakauns
2263   ;C   EF G AbB   Raga Madhuri
2194   ;C   E  G  b    Raga Mahathi
3288   ;Cd  EF Ga      Raga Malahari
2611   ;C D   gG  bB   Raga Malarani
2225   ;C   E gG   B   Raga Malashri
3222   ;Cd  E  G Ab    Raga Malayamarutam
2378   ;C  e F  a b    Raga Malkauns
2197   ;C   E  G A B   Raga Mamata
3218   ;Cd  E  G  b    Raga Manaranjani
2838   ;C De   G Ab    Raga Manavi
2260   ;C   EF G A     Raga Mand
3249   ;Cd  E gG   B   Raga Mandari
2390   ;C  e F G Ab    Raga Manohari
2582   ;C D    G Ab    Raga Matha Kokila
2643   ;C D  F G  bB   Raga Megh
3272   ;Cd  EF  a      Raga Megharanjani
3265   ;Cd  EF     B   Raga Megharanji
2903   ;C De F G AbB   Raga Mian Ki Malhar
2452   ;C  eE  G A     Raga Mohanangi
2725   ;C D E g  A B   Raga Mrunganandana
2353   ;C  e  gG   B   Raga Multani
3632   ;CdD   gG       Raga Nabhomani
2645   ;C D  F G A B   Raga Nagagandhari
2769   ;C D EF G   B   Raga Nalinakanti
2518   ;C  eEF G Ab    Raga Nandkauns
2486   ;C  eE gG Ab    Raga Nasamani
2385   ;C  e F G   B   Raga Nata
2758   ;C D EF   Ab    Raga Nattaikurinji
2650   ;C D  F Ga b    Raga Navamanohari
2860   ;C De  g aA     Raga Neelangi
2209   ;C   E g    B   Raga Nigamagamini
2613   ;C D   gG A B   Raga Nishadi
2096   ;C     gG       Raga Ongkari
3161   ;Cd   F Ga  B   Raga Padi
2783   ;C D EF GaAbB   Raga Pahadi
2265   ;C   EF Ga  B   Raga Paraju
3162   ;Cd   F Ga b    Raga Phenadyuti
2633   ;C D  F  a  B   Raga Priyadharshini
2133   ;C    F G A B   Raga Puruhutika
3596   ;CdD     aA     Raga Putrika
2759   ;C D EF   AbB   Raga Ragesri
3031   ;C DeEF G AbB   Raga Ramdasi Malhar
3321   ;Cd  EFgGa  B   Raga Ramkali
2853   ;C De  g  A B   Raga Ranjani
2481   ;C  eE gG   B   Raga Rasamanjari
3158   ;Cd   F G Ab    Raga Rasavali
2629   ;C D  F   A B   Raga Rasranjani
2746   ;C D E gGa b    Raga Ratipriya
3224   ;Cd  E  Ga      Raga Reva
3270   ;Cd  EF   Ab    Raga Rudra Pancama
3346   ;Cd e   G  b    Raga Rukmangi
2517   ;C  eEF G A B   Raga Saildesakshi
3350   ;Cd e   G Ab    Raga Salagavarali
2354   ;C  e  gG  b    Raga Samudhra Priya
2761   ;C D EF  a  B   Raga Sarasanana
2614   ;C D   gG Ab    Raga Sarasvati
2268   ;C   EF GaA     Raga Saravati
2128   ;C    F G       Raga Sarvarsi
3128   ;Cd    gGa      Raga Saugandhini
3293   ;Cd  EF GaA B   Raga Saurashtra
2330   ;C  e   Ga b    Raga Shailaja
2612   ;C D   gG A     Raga Shri Kalyan
2597   ;C D   g  A B   Raga Shubravarni
3416   ;Cd e F Ga      Raga Simantini
2866   ;C De  gG  b    Raga Simharava
2897   ;C De F G   B   Raga Sindhura Kafi
4059   ;CdDeEF Ga bB   Raga Sindi Bhairavi
2770   ;C D EF G  b    Raga Siva Kambhoji
3273   ;Cd  EF  a  B   Raga Sohini
2647   ;C D  F G AbB   Raga Sorati
2900   ;C De F G A     Raga Suddha Bangala
3660   ;CdD  F  aA     Raga Suddha Mukhari
2593   ;C D   g    B   Raga Sumukam
2872   ;C De  gGa      Raga Syamalam
2393   ;C  e F Ga  B   Raga Takka
2259   ;C   EF G  bB   Raga Tilang
2842   ;C De   Ga b    Raga Trimurti
2609   ;C D   gG   B   Raga Vaijayanti
2198   ;C   E  G Ab    Raga Valaji
3269   ;Cd  EF   A B   Raga Vasanta
3274   ;Cd  EF  a b    Raga Vasantabhairavi
2868   ;C De  gG A     Raga Vijayanagari
3633   ;CdD   gG   B   Raga Vijayasri
2227   ;C   E gG  bB   Raga Vijayavasanta
3401   ;Cd e F  a  B   Raga Viyogavarali
2230   ;C   E gG Ab    Raga Vutari
2740   ;C D E gG A     Raga Yamuna Kalyani
2264   ;C   EF Ga      Raga Zilaf
3402   ;Cd e F  a b    Ritsu
2518   ;C  eEF G Ab    Rock 'n Roll
2249   ;C   EF  a  B   Romanian Bacovia
3254   ;Cd  E gG Ab    Romanian Major
2870   ;C De  gG Ab    Roumanian Minor
2772   ;C D EF G A     Scottish Hexatonic
2644   ;C D  F G A     Scottish Pentatonic
3509   ;Cd eE gG A B   Shostakovich
3276   ;Cd  EF  aA     Six Tone Symmetrical
3562   ;Cd eEFg a b    Spanish 8 tone
3290   ;Cd  EF Ga b    Spanish Gypsy
2538   ;C  eEFg a b    Spanish Heptatonic
3520   ;Cd eEF         Spanish Pentacluster
3498   ;Cd eE g a b    Super Locrian
3835   ;CdD EFgGa bB   Symmetrical Decatonic
3771   ;CdD E gGa bB   Symmetrical Nonatonic
2857   ;C De  g a  B   Takemitsu Tree Line 1
2858   ;C De  g a b    Takemitsu Tree Line 2
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Theta Asavari
3289   ;Cd  EF Ga  B   Theta Bhairav
3418   ;Cd e F Ga b    Theta Bhairavi
2773   ;C D EF G A B   Theta Bilaval
2902   ;C De F G Ab    Theta Kafi
2741   ;C D E gG A B   Theta Kalyan
2774   ;C D EF G Ab    Theta Khamaj
3253   ;Cd  E gG A B   Theta Marva
3257   ;Cd  E gGa  B   Theta Purvi
3385   ;Cd e  gGa  B   Theta Todi
3382   ;Cd e  gG Ab    Todi bVII
3500   ;Cd eE g aA     Ultra Locrian
2306   ;C  e      b    Ute Tritone
2907   ;C De F Ga bB   Utility Minor
2818   ;C De      b    Warao Minor Trichord
2720   ;C D E g        Whole-Tone Tetramirror
2192   ;C   E  G       Chord Major
2320   ;C  e   G       Chord minor
2194   ;C   E  G  b    Chord 7th
2193   ;C   E  G   B   Chord M7
2322   ;C  e   G  b    Chord m7
2180   ;C   E   a      Chord aug (+5)
2336   ;C  e  g        Chord dim
2064   ;C      G       Chord 5th (power)
2208   ;C   E g        Chord -5 (b5)
2196   ;C   E  G A     Chord M6
2185   ;C   E   a  B   Chord M7+5
2704   ;C D E  G       Chord 2
2324   ;C  e   G A     Chord m6
2321   ;C  e   G   B   Chord mM7
2340   ;C  e  g  A     Chord dim7
2338   ;C  e  g   b    Chord m7-5
2210   ;C   E g   b    Chord 7-5
2186   ;C   E   a b    Chord 7+5
2198   ;C   E  G Ab    Chord 7/6
2592   ;C D   g        Chord sus2
2128   ;C    F G       Chord sus4
2130   ;C    F G  b    Chord 7sus4

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