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List Of Included Daqarta Files


When you are exploring Daqarta, you may notice that there are numerous included files that can be opened from various dialogs. There are Generator setups, Spectrum curves, Arb waveforms, MIDI setups, and more. If you want to know what a particular file is used for, this list will direct you to the relevant Help topic.

The files are organized here by folder and file type. For example, Generator setups (.GEN file type) are all in the App_Data folder. Typically you don't need to know the folder name or file type since the Load Setup button defaults to showing all the .GEN files in the App_Data folder.

The lists here will help you find out more about a particular file, knowing only the name. However, note that .GEN files and MIDI setup (.DQM) files have alternative ways to find the relative links; see those sections below.

Documents - Daqarta - App_Data:

Generator Setup (.GEN) Files:

The following Generator Setup (.GEN) files are included with Daqarta and may be loaded via the Load Setup button in the Generator control dialog or the File menu. You may also Save modifications of these setups, or your own creations. However, note that many of the following are auto-loaded by macro mini-apps, which may not operate properly with a changed file.

Instead of using this list, you may alternatively just load a .GEN file and then right-click on the Generator Setup Title to see the relevant Help topic.

!Spooky.GEN         Sci-Fi Theremin Simulator
8-ChanTest.GEN      Multi-Channel Test Setup
AliasDemo.GEN       Aliasing Demonstration
AltSine.GEN         Burst Shape
                    Manual Output Calibration
AM31Tone.GEN        Multiple Tone Creation via AM
AMnoise.GEN         Spectrogram Bloom Mode
ArbTest.GEN         Arb_From_Equation Mini-App
AudPhase.GEN        Audible Phase Demonstration
AutoCal.GEN         Auto-Calibrate Dialog
BeatsDemo.GEN       Monaural and Binaural Beats Mini-App
Burst_5ms_X2.GEN    Triggered Burst demo for Event Triggering
ChartDemo.GEN       Chart Recorder Mini-App
Circles.GEN         Arb_From_Equation Mini-App - Ellipses and Circles
Composer.GEN        Composer.GEN Setup
                    Random Selection of Arb Values
                    Step Timing Mode
CrankFM.GEN         Engine Crank/Cam Sensor Simulation Principles
                    Creating Pulse-Train Arbs
                    Spectrogram Bloom Mode
CrankRamp.GEN       Engine Crank/Cam Sensor Simulation Principles
                    Creating Pulse-Train Arbs - Creation and Use
CrankRaw24p1.GEN    Creating Rectified-Wave Arbs - Extra Pulse Series
CrankRaw24s3.GEN    Creating Pulse-Train Arbs - Extra-Sine Series
CrankRaw25-1.GEN    Creating Pulse-Train Arbs - Gap Series
Default.GEN         Restoring The Default Generator Setup
Dither.GEN          Dither Demonstration
EngineSim.GEN       Engine Crank and Cam Sensor Simulator Mini-App
FFT_Filter.GEN      FFT Filter Mini-App
GausWhit.GEN        Comparing Noise Distributions
IMDmeter.GEN        IMD Meter Mini-App
Impulse45.GEN       Impulse Response
InvSine.GEN         Manual Output Calibration
LCRmeter.GEN        LCR Meter Mini-App with ESR, DF, and Q
Lissajous.GEN       Lissajous (X vs. Y) Mini-App
Machines.GEN        Mad Scientist Lab Background Sound
MissFund.GEN        Missing Fundamental Mini-App
Phantom.GEN         Phantom Signals
PhaseMeter.GEN      Phase Meter Mini-App
PulseTest.GEN       Pulse Meter Mini-App
Rect_Burst.GEN      Creating Rectified-Wave Arbs - Sine or Triangle
Rect_Wave.GEN       Creating Rectified-Wave Arbs - Amplitude Modulation
RndBurst.GEN        Random Pulse or Burst Timing
SineSqr.GEN         Making Waves via Sine Wave Synthesis
THDmeter.GEN        THD Meter Mini-App
THD_Mtr_LF.GEN      THD Meter Mini-App - Low Frequency Version
WAV2BMP.GEN         BMP Image to WAV Sound and Spectrogram Image
White4Gauss.GEN     Random Macro Values - Gaussian Distributions
WhiteMute.GEN       Uniform Random Number Source
                    Arbitrary Random Distribution Mini-App
Zwicker.GEN         Zwicker Tones

Spectrum Curve (.CRV) Files:

Spectrum Curves allow you to apply frequency response correction or a weighting curve to any spectrum. The following .CRV files are discussed in:

Z-Weight.CRV        Sound Level Meter AC / DC Response
Z-Weight96.CRV      Sound Level Meter AC / DC Response
ITU-R_468.CRV       SPL Response Select
                    Spectrum Averager Peak Mode
                    Vehicle Pass-By Noise
ITU-R_ARM.CRV       IMD Meter Mini-App
Pink.CRV            Noise Band Shape - Taps
RIAA.CRV            RIAA Phono Equalization Testing
Inv_RIAA.CRV        RIAA Phono Equalization Testing
IEC_RIAA.CRV        RIAA Phono Equalization Testing
Inv_IEC_RIAA.CRV    RIAA Phono Equalization Testing

Frequency Counter Fcal Table (.TBL) Files:

The following .TBL files are selected via the Calibration Table button in the Fcal dialog of the Frequency Counter. They allow nonlinear sensors with frequency output circuits, such as thermocouples used with the Thermocouple To Frequency circuit, to be read directly in user units. The included files are for temperature sensors, whose units may be toggled between Celsius and Fahrenheit via the Fcal Units button. (You can create your own files for any unit type.)


Linear Sensors:

Spectrogrm Palette (.PAL or .PLT) Files:

The following palette files may be loaded via the Load Pal button in the Color Palette dialog of the Spectrogram (Sgram) controls. They are standard Windows 256-color palette files with a .PAL extension, or a .PLT extension if you installed Daqarta to a folder other than the default.

Default.PAL        Color spectrum, red to violet to black
GrayScale.PAL      White to black (for printers)

Colors & Styles (.RGB) Setup Files:

Load these with the Load File button near the bottom of the Colors & Styles dialog.

Default.RGB        Restores main colors and styles to as-installed
Line_Styles_3.RGB  Four different line styles, width = 3
BW_Style_3.RGB     As above, but in black and white
Gray_Style_3.RGB   As above, but shades of gray

Internal Daqarta Files:

For internal Daqarta use only; not user-viewable or editable:

Daqarta.DQM        Default MIDI setup
Daqarta.DQS        MIDI Scales
Daqarta.TXX        GlossyTracks MIDI Title Generator word list
Daqarta0.MAC       Default List of available macros

Documents - Daqarta - User_Data:

Headerless Data (.DAT) Files:

The following .DAT files are intended as Arb waveforms for use with the Generator, but can be opened as normal files via DD/Open for viewing or analysis. To do that, accept the default parameters in the DAT Format dialog. (That dialog appears when Daqarta encounters a file it can't identify.)

Files beginning with Arb_ were created with the Arb_From_Equation macro mini-app, and are discussed there along with waveform images and macro code for creating them. These are 16384 sample files, but the default Daqarta screen only shows 1024 without scrolling. To see the entire waveform at one time when opened this way, go to the X-Axis controls dialog and set Decimate on with Factor = 16.

Alternatively, you can actually use them as Arb waveforms and set the Tone Freq to 46.875 Hz (assuming the default 48000 Hz sample rate, else use SampleRate/1024). Set Tone Sync on (if not already) in the Tone Frequency dialog, then go to the Trigger controls dialog and set the Mode to Gen Sync. The waveform display will then show exactly one cycle of the Arb. (Plus, you can hear the sound of the file as well!)

!Spooky.DAT is a 1024 sample file that holds the old sci-fi movie theremin theme as a frequency profile, for use by the !Spooky.GEN setup

Expnote.DAT) is a special 1024 sample file used with the Composer.GEN setup.

 Arb_75Ramp50.DAT            Ramp with 75% Rise slope, 50% of cycle
 Arb_Agnesi.DAT              Witch of Agnesi curve
 Arb_Alt_Half_Ellipse.DAT    Dual-circle waves using   Circles.GEN
 Arb_BkmExact.DAT            Blackman Exact window function
 Arb_BkmHarris.DAT           Blackman-Harris window function
 Arb_Blackman.DAT            Blackman window function
 Arb_Catenary.DAT            Catenary curve
 Arb_D_Lorentz.DAT           Derivative of Lorentz function
 Arb_Exp_Charge.DAT          Exponential R-C charge curve
 Arb_Exp_Decay.DAT           Exponential R-C discharge curve
 Arb_Exp_Growth.DAT          Exponential growth function
 Arb_Fake_Vowel.DAT          Multiple Sine Wave Harmonics
 Arb_FlatTop.DAT             Flat-Top window function
 Arb_FSPulse25.DAT           Full-Scale pulsse, 25% of cycle
 Arb_FullRectSine.DAT        Full-wave rectified sine
 Arb_Gauss.DAT               Gaussian curve
 Arb_Half_Ellipse.DAT        Top half of ellipse or circle
 Arb_HalfRectSine.DAT        Half-wave rectified sine
 Arb_HalfTan.DAT             Tangent curve, 180 degrees
 Arb_Hamming.DAT             Hamming window function
 Arb_Hann.DAT                Hann window function
 Arb_Log.DAT                 Scaled logarithmic curve
 Arb_Lorentz_8th.DAT         Lorentz function, 1/8 cycle width
 Arb_Power_2.DAT             Y=X^P, with P=2
 Arb_Power_3.DAT             Y=X^P, with P=3
 Arb_Power_5.DAT             Y=X^P, with P=5
 Arb_Power_10.DAT            Y=X^P, with P=10
 Arb_Pulse50.DAT             Positive-only square wave
 Arb_Ramp100.DAT             0 to +100% Ramp
 Arb_Ramp_Bipolar100.DAT     -100 to +100% FS
 Arb_RC_LowPass_Square.DAT   Exponential charge and decay
 Arb_Sinc85.DAT              Sinc Function sin(x)/x
 Arb_Sine.DAT                Sine wave cycle
 Arb_Sine4Ramp.DAT           Sine-series ramp, 4 terms
 Arb_Sine4Square.DAT         Sine-series square, 4 terms
 Arb_Sine4Triangle.DAT       Sine-series triangle, 4 terms
 Arb_Sine50.DAT              Single sine cycle in 50% of wave, rest null
 Arb_Sine521.DAT             Equal-amplitude sines, 5 harmonics, start 2nd
 Arb_Sine543.DAT             As above but start 4th, then steps of 3
 Arb_Sine8Ramp.DAT           Sine-series ramp, 8 terms
 Arb_Sine8Square.DAT         Sine-series square, 8 terms
 Arb_Square.DAT              Square wave
 Arb_Square50.DAT            Square cycle in 50% of wave, rest null
 Arb_SquareRoot.DAT          Plot of sqrt(X) from 0 to 1
 Arb_Tan.DAT                 Tangent curve
 Arb_Triangle.DAT            Triangle wave cycle
 Arb_Triangle50.DAT          Triangle cycle in 50% of wave, rest null
!Spooky.DAT               Sci-Fi Theremin Simulator pitch profile
Expnote.DAT               Exponential curve, plus musical intervals

Daqarta Data (.DQA) Files:

The following files all pertain to engine crank/cam sensor simulation for ECM/ECU testing. The first was created manually using Creating Pulse-Train Arbs methods. The other 5 were created by the Engine_Sim Engine Crank and Cam Sensor Simulator macro mini-app, which is recommended for viewing and using them.

Crank25-1.DQA              Engine crank sensor only, 25 teeth less 1
Engine36-1p@160.000_1p.DQA 36-1 tooth crank, 1-tooth cam @160 deg, pulse
Engine30-2f@160.000_1f.DQA 30-2 tooth crank, 1-tooth cam @160 deg, FS pulse
Engine12f@0.000_4Yf.DQA    12 tooth crank, 4 tooth cam, TDC/CYP, FS pulse
Engine36-1p@40.000_4Dp.DQA 36-1 crank, dual-cam variable valve timing, pulse
Engine36-1p@40.000_4Sp.DQA 36-1 crank, single-cam variable valve timing, pulse

Text Data (.TXT) Files:

CAM_CYP.TXT                Custom Profile for above Engine12f@0.000_4Yf.DQA
CAM_VVT2.TXT               Custom Profile for Engine36-1p@40.000_4Dp.DQA
CAM_VVT1.TXT               Custom Profile for Engine36-1p@40.000_4Sp.DQA
RPM_Ramp_Arb.TXT           RPM vs time test schedule for Engine_Sim
RPM_Ramp_List.TXT          RPM vs time list for creating above Arb
RPM_Ramp_Dur_List.TXT      As above but durations instead of elapsed time
Cos2HiLo.TXT               Arbitrary Random Distribution mini-app
Font8x8.TXT                Text-to-MIDI spectrogram bitmap tables
!Spooky_List.TXT           For !Spooky.GEN Sci-Fi Theremin Simulator

Bitmap (.BMP) Image Files:

Bitmap (.BMP) files are not a normal Daqarta data type (.DQA, .WAV. .DAT, or .TXT) so they don't display by default (and can't be opened with) the DD / Open button. You only see them with '*.BMP' in the Open dialog for Buf0-7 macro array file operations, as used by the BMP_to_WAV macro mini-app. This converts a bitmap image to a .WAV file whose spectrogram reproduces the original image in full color. The files below are all the same image, with different color resolutions:


Documents - Daqarta - User_Data - MIDI_Setup:

MIDI Setup (DQM) Files:

The following MIDI Setup (.DQM) files include many DaqMusiq perfomances that you simply listen to, as well as interactive perfomances. Some are also appropriate for KaleidoSynth use.

Instead of using this list, you may alternatively just load the MIDI setup, then right-click on the Pitch-to-MIDI dialog title bar, or any non-control area in that dialog, to see the relevant Help topic.

!NewSetup.DQM          Empty setup, for new creations
!Spooky4.DQM           Background music for Halloween
AirBand.DQM            Voice-controlled music generation
AirGuitar.DQM          As above, but all guitars
Alouette.DQM           Traditional, random instrument changes
AmazingGrace.DQM       Traditional, random instrument changes
America.DQM            Traditional, random instrument changes OFF
BallGame.DQM           Traditional, Rhodes piano and Hammond organ
Cowboy.DQM             Acoustic guitar, piano, occasional strings
Edgy.DQM               Edgy jazz (60's 'B' movie style) - KaleidoSynth
FrJacques.DQM          Traditional, 4 random instruments in rounds
GlossyBlack.DQM        8 random 'black key' melodies, random instruments
GlossyBlue.DQM         As above but Blues Phrygian scale
GlossyBones.DQM        8 random 'black key' melodies, percussive only
GlossyChrome.DQM       8 random melodies, all keys (Chromatic scale)
GlossyFish.DQM         Like GlossyBlack with variable parameters
GlossyFishBones.DQM    GlossyFish plus GlossyBones
GlossyFishSticks.DQM   GlossyFish plus GlossySticks
GlossySticks.DQM       Like GlossyBones but more percussion changes
GlossyTracks.DQM       Full automatic music generation, with titles
GlossyWhite.DQM        8 random melodies, white keys (Major) only
HornTalk.DQM           Random English horn notes, speech-like
Joshua.DQM             Traditional, random instrument changes
JukeBox.DQM            Single-voice random melody and instrument
Mashup.DQM             8 traditional songs, random instruments
MissFundamental.DQM    Frere Jacques, 1 voice/harmonic 1-8, can toggle
Mournful.DQM           Tenor sax, electric bass, Major scale, slow
OldMacDonald.DQM       Traditional, piano and guitar plus random animal
Peaceful.DQM           Orchestral harp, Pentatonic Major (black keys)
PercBlue.DQM           Electric guitar and bass, Blues Major, percussion
PhrygidBlueJam.DQM     Random notes and instruments, Blues Phrygian
PompCirc.DQM           "Pomp And Circumstance", 2 random instruments
Saints.DQM             Traditional, random instruments and percussion
Symphonic.DQM          Piano and strings with random range variation
ThisOldMan.DQM         Traditional, 2 random instruments
TimPanic.DQM           Random timpani notes
Txt2MIDI.DQM           Text into notes having original text spectrogam

MIDI Script Support Text (.TXT) Files:

The following text files can be loaded into MIDI buffers for access by MIDI scripts:

AllInst.TXT            All 128 General MIDI instrument numbers
AllPerc.TXT            All 61 General MIDI percussion numbers
AllScales.TXT          All 532 musical scales
GlossyInst.TXT         GlossyTracks subset of AllInst
GlossyPerc.TXT         GlossyTracks subset of AllPerc
GlossyScales.TXT       GlossyTracks subset of AllScales

Documents - Daqarta - Circuits:

These are circuit diagrams and board layouts for Daqarta supporting circuits. The xxxAll600.PNG files include schematic and board layouts on one page for printing at 600 DPI, for direct transfer to copper-clad board stock.

The associated .PCB files were created using ExpressPCB software, for commercial 3rd-party fabrication.

Daquino_DAC_All600.PNG     DaquinOscope Wavetable DAC
Daquino_DAC.PCB            ExpressPCB file for above
DC_2PulseOutAll600.JPG     DC Pulse Output Mod schematics and photo
DC_In2Out4All600.PNG       DC Input / Output Adapter
DC_In2Out4.PCB             ExpressPCB file for above
DC_PulseOutAll600.PNG      4-channel DC Pulse Output Adapter
DC_PulseOut.PCB            ExpressPCB file for above
PreScaleAll600.PNG         Frequency Prescaler
PreScale.PCB               ExpressPCB file for above
PulseOutQAll600.PNG        Simple DC Pulse Converter
PulseOutQ.PCB              ExpressPCB file for above
PulseOutWAll600.PNG        Wide-Range DC Pulse Converter
PulseOutW.PCB              ExpressPCB file for above
SgnModAll600.PNG           External DC-to-AC Signed Modulator
SgnMod.PCB                 ExpressPCB file for above
TC_ColdAll600.PNG          Thermocouple to Frequency
TC_Cold.PCB                ExpressPCB file for above
TempToFreqAll600.PNG       Temperature to Frequency
TempToFreq.PCB             ExpressPCB file for above
VoltToFreqAll600.PNG       Bipolar Voltage To Frequency
VoltToFreq.PCB             ExpressPCB file for above

Documents - Daqarta - Utility:

These files pertain to remote control of Daqarta by custom external applications.

DqaCmd.ASM         Command line remote control source
DqaCmd.EXE         Command line remote control excutable
MDC.BAT            Batch file to create above EXE
DqaDlg.ASM         Dialog remote control source
DqaDlg.RC          Resource file for above
DqaDlg.EXE         Dialog remote control executable
MDD.BAT            Batch file to create above EXE

This file is an Arduino "sketch", which is code that resides in the Arduino's program memory and allows the Arduino to act as a peripheral device, controlled by Daqarta via USB / serial port commands. Full discussion in the DaqPort topic.

DaqPort.ino        Arduino sketch


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