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GlossyScales.TXT List of Selected Musical Scales

Below is a list of 42 named musical scales, which have been selected from the complete AllScales list of 532 scales in the Musical Scales List that is displayed when the Scale dialog is open for a MIDI Voice Setup.

The selection process used listening tests of random note sequences via GlossyTracks. The chosen scales did not necessarily give pleasing results under all tests, but they at least gave interesting results on some of the tests.

This list also appears as the GlossyScales.TXT file in the Documents - Daqarta - User_Data - MIDI_Setup folder, as noted in the List Of Included Daqarta Files

The first column is the numerical value of the scale, obtained from the binary equivalent of the second column that shows which notes of the octave starting with C are included.

The third column is the common name, of which there may not be universal agreement, but which is convenient to use.

2773   ;C D EF G A B   Major
2906   ;C De F Ga b    Natural Minor
2708   ;C D E  G A     Pentatonic Major
2964   ;C DeE  G A     Blues Major
2418   ;C  e FgG  b    Blues Minor
3442   ;Cd e FgG  b    Blues Phrygian
2322   ;C  e   G  b    Chinese Bi Yu
2704   ;C D E  G       Eskimo Tetratonic
2130   ;C    F G  b    Genus Primum Inverse
2261   ;C   EF G A B   Genus Secundum
2257   ;C   EF G   B   Ionian Pentatonic
3154   ;Cd   F G  b    Japanese Kokin-Joshi
2644   ;C D  F G A     Japanese Ritusen
2741   ;C D E gG A B   Lydian
2709   ;C D E  G A B   Lydian Hexatonic
2768   ;C D EF G       Major Pentachord
2752   ;C D EF         Major Tetrachord
3400   ;Cd e F  a      Raga Chitthakarshini
2630   ;C D  F   Ab    Raga Guhamanohari
2705   ;C D E  G   B   Raga Hamsadhvani
3237   ;Cd  E g  A B   Raga Hamsanandi
3354   ;Cd e   Ga b    Raga Kashyapi
2246   ;C   EF   Ab    Raga Khamaji Durga
2262   ;C   EF G Ab    Raga Khamas
2392   ;C  e F Ga      Raga Kokil Pancham
2378   ;C  e F  a b    Raga Malkauns
2197   ;C   E  G A B   Raga Mamata
2260   ;C   EF G A     Raga Mand
2582   ;C D    G Ab    Raga Matha Kokila
2614   ;C D   gG Ab    Raga Sarasvati
2330   ;C  e   Ga b    Raga Shailaja
2612   ;C D   gG A     Raga Shri Kalyan
2770   ;C D EF G  b    Raga Siva Kambhoji
2393   ;C  e F Ga  B   Raga Takka
2842   ;C De   Ga b    Raga Trimurti
2609   ;C D   gG   B   Raga Vaijayanti
2198   ;C   E  G Ab    Raga Valaji
2740   ;C D E gG A     Raga Yamuna Kalyani
3402   ;Cd e F  a b    Ritsu
2772   ;C D EF G A     Scottish Hexatonic
2196   ;C   E  G A     Chord M6
2321   ;C  e   G   B   Chord mM7

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