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MIDI Changes Script Command and Variable Summary

See also MIDI Changes Script Overview.

In the list below, v is voice number, typically 1-8 but with letter options A-F where Percussion voices are allowed. Voices are usually given as immediate constants, but may optionally be replaced with expressions surrounded by carets as in <UA+UB>.

For most commands, you can set all voices to the same value via a single command. Tonal voices 1-8 use "voice" 9 to specify this, as in S9=US to set Scales S1 through S8 to the value of US. Non-tonal Percussion voices A-F use G, as in gG=1 to set Percussion Lags gA through gF to 1.

For the Buffer commands (starting with B), b is the buffer number 1-4. As for voice, it may be an immediate constant or an expression in carets. (Buffer commands do not support "voice" 9 to specify all voices.)

n is any integer, typically 0-127, which may be an immediate constant or any valid expression. Likewise, other values such as i0, i1, i2, add, fill, count, and start may be constants or expressions.


Av=n Arpeggio
AAv=n Arpeggio Alternate Direction
ABv=n Arpeggio Beat
ADv=n Arpeggio Direction
BAvb.i0=(add,count) Buffer Add (constant)
Bavb.i0=(add,count) Buffer Add (variable)
Bbvb.i0=n Buffer Direct Array Access (8-bit)
BCvb.i0=vb(i1,i2) Buffer Copy
Bc="string" Buffer Chord Map
Bdvb.i0=n Buffer Direct Array Access (32-bit)
BFvb.i0=(fill,count) Buffer Fill (constant)
BFvb.i0=n Buffer Fill (single point)
Bfvb.i0=(fill,count) Buffer Fill (variable)
Bivb.i0=(start,count) Buffer Increment Fill
BLbvb="MyFile" MIDI Buffer Text File Load, unsigned 8-bit bytes
    BLBvb="MyFile" Load text file as signed 8-bit bytes
    BLwvb="MyFile" Load text file as unsigned 16-bit words
    BLWvb="MyFile" Load text file as signed 16-bit words
    BLdvb="MyFile" Load text file as unsigned 32-bit double words
    BLDvb="MyFile" Load text file as signed 32-bit double words
    BLtvb="MyFile" Load text file as raw text
    BLTvb="MyFile" Load text file as valid keyboard characters only
    BLmN="MyFile" Macro Buffer Text File Load, 64-bit fixed-point
    BLmN="Notes" Macro Buffer Load from Notes text, 64-bit fixed-point
    BLmN="NoteS" Macro Buffer Load from Notes string, 8-bit characters
Bn="string" Buffer Note Adjust Map
BPvb.i0=vb(i1,i2) Buffer Pivot
BRvb.i0=count Buffer Repeat Notes
Br="string" Buffer Repeat Map
BSvb.i1=i2 Buffer Set Pointers
Bv="string" Buffer Velocity Map
Bwvb.i0=n Buffer Direct Array Access (16-bit)
BXvb.i0=vb(i1,i2) Buffer eXchange
bv=n Note Bend
Cv.i0="string" Chord Pattern
cv=n Changes On/Off
Dv=n Note Delay
Ev=n Note PreScale
Fn=x Set Fieldn with number or string x
FLn=x Set Labeln with number or string x
    (Fields and Labels may use oL Output Display options, below.)
GXX=n Macro command with MIDI script ID XX
gv=n Note Lag
Hv=n Hold Beats
Iv=n Instrument Number
iv=vb Input Select
kv=n Skip Scale Misses
Lv=n Voice Level (Volume)
M=n Direct MIDI Command
Nv.i0="string" Note Pattern
Nv=n Note Pattern On/Off
nv=n +/-Note
Ov=n Portamento
oL=n Output Display, Left (signed integer)
    oL="string" Display "string"
    oL="string "+n Display "string " and integer
    oLO="string "+n Display "string " and "ON/OFF"
    oLf=n Display n as fixed-point fraction
    oLh=n Display n as hexadecimal
    oLi=n Display n as instrument name
    oLn=n Display n as note name
    oLp=n Display n as percussion name
    oLS=n Display n as Scale name
    oLs=n Display n as Scale pattern
    oLt=n Display n seconds in H:M:S time format
    oL=s Display pseudo-random seed
oR=n Output Display, Right (as above)
ol=n Output Display, lower left (as above)
or=n Output Display, lower right (as above)
oM=n Output Display to Custom Macro Message
    oMT=n Generate Song Title for n as Message
o0=n Output Display to Custom Meter Mtr0
    o0T=n Generate Song Title for n as Mtr0
o1=n Output Display to Mtr1
o2=n Output Display to Mtr2
o3=n Output Display to Mtr3
oF=n Output Text to Log File, new line
    oFT=n Song Title for n to Log File, new line
of=n Output Text to Log File, continue line
    ofT=n Song Title for n to Log File, continue line
oTb=1 Show Block number after Song Title
oTh=1 Show Hex seed before Song Title
oTq=1 Show Quotes around Song Title
oTp="n0, n1, ... n20 Set Song Title block Probabilities
oTp=n Set block n (0-20) probability to max, rest 0
Pv=n Pan Position
PBv=n Pan Beat
PSv=n Pan Scan
PWv=n Pan Wrap
pv=n Pattern pointer set
Q0=n User Variable (binary)
QA=n User Variable (integer)
Qa=n User Variable (fixed-point)
RF=n Pitch Track Fundamental
Rf=n Pitch Track Apply Min
RH=n Pitch Hysteresis
RM=n Pitch Track Max Frequency
Rm=n Pitch Track Min Frequency
RO=n Pitch +/-Octaves
RT=n Pitch Track Threshold
rFv=n Note Range Fit
rMv=n Note Range Max
rmv=n Note Range Min
rRv=n Note Range Reflect at Max
rrv=n Note Range Reflect at Min
Sv="string12" Scale from string
Sv=n Scale from binary value
Siv=n Scale from index value
sv=n Sustain
T=n Tempo msec
TB=n Tempo BPM
tv=n Voice Velocity Track
UA=n User Variable (signed integer)
Ua=n User Variable (unsigned fixed-point)
Vv.i0="string" Velocity Pattern
vv=n Percussion Velocity
W=n Wait
X0=0 Forces Pitch-to-MIDI off
X0=20 As above, but retains oM exit message
Xv=n Voice Instrument On/Off
XP=n Percussion On/Off
Yv=n Pattern Key
YPv=n Key Pivot
{n ... }  Loop
[condition ... | ... ]  IF Statement
;comment text Comment
$n=Sf Oscillator Set
?x=n Set/Clear True Random Value Mode
?s=n Set Pseudo-Random Value Seed
?r=n Set Alternative Random Value Seed
?0=n to ?9=n Set Special Variables


Bvb.i0 Buffer Note Value (8-bit, read-only)
Buffer Direct Array Access:
    Bbvb.i0 Byte Access (8-bit integer)
    Bwvb.i0 Word Access (16-bit integer)
    Bdvb.i0 Double-word Access (32-bit integer)
    BmN.i0 Macro Buffer Access (64-bit real)
Fn Daqarta Fieldn as numeric
FLn Daqarta Labeln as numeric
GXX Daqarta control Macro with MIDI script ID XX
Ka Computer Keyboard Key Value/State (read-only)
ma Mouse and Miscellaneous Position (read-only)
Miscellaneous read-only values:
    m0 to m9 Read Special Variables
    mF Pitch Track Frequency, Hz
    mN Pitch Track MIDI Note number
    mV Pitch Track peak magnitude
    mv Pitch Track velocity
    mP Pitch Track threshold event count
    mM Pitch-to-MIDI acquired note count
    mB Pitch-to-MIDI elapsed beats
    mT Pitch-to-MIDI elapsed time
    mt MIDI Record elapsed time
    ms MIDI random generator seed
    mR Get alternative random generator value
    mr Alternative random generator seed
U0-9 and UA-Z User Variable (signed integer)
Ua to Uz User Variable (unsigned fixed-point)
    $n(min,max) Oscillator Value
    $n Oscillator frequency
    $np OOscillator starting phase
    $nP OOscillator Pulse duty cycle
    $nt OOscillator waveform type
Random Values:
    ?(min,max) Uniform random integer
    ?f(min,max) Uniform random real with extended fraction
    ?2(min,max) Random real, triangular distribution
        ?2L(min,max) Low-biased triangular, peak at min
        ?2H(min,max) High-biased triangular, peak at max
    ?4(min,max) Random real, 4-uniform semi-Gaussian
        ?4L(min,max) Low-biased, peak at min
        ?4H(min,max) High-biased, peak at max
    ?8(min,max) Random real, 8-uniform semi-Gaussian
        ?8L(min,max) Low-biased, peak at min
        ?8H(min,max) High-biased, peak at max
    ?G(min,max) Random real, 12-uniform Gaussian
        ?GL(min,max) Low-biased, peak at min
        ?GH(min,max) High-biased, peak at max
    ?q(min,max) Random real, square-law distribution
        ?qL(min,max) Low-biased, peak at min
        ?qH(min,max) High-biased, peak at max
    ?R(min,max) Alternative random integer
    ?r(min,max) Alternative random real, extended fraction
    ?AZ Randomly select integer variable UA-UZ (or subset)
    ?az Randomly select fixed-point variable Ua-Uz (or subset)

See also Changes Script Overview, Changes Script Editor, MIDI Voice Setup Dialogs, Pitch-to-MIDI dialog, Pitch Track Toolbox - Overview


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